Competent Authority & Administrator,
NDPS Act 1985 & SAFEM (FOP) Act 1976, New Delhi


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Important Case Laws

Following are some important case laws pertaining to forfeiture under NDPS Act 1985 and SAFEM (FOP) Act 1976 :

  1. Union of India v/s Amritlal Pranjivan Das ( AIR 1994 SC 2179) In this case the constitution bench upheld the provisions of COFEPOSA 1974 and SAFEM (FOP) A 1976.
  2. Aamenabai Tayebaly v/s Competent Authority & ors ( AIR 1998 SC 484)
    In this case the court made it clear that once a notice under section 6 of SAFEM (FOP)A 1976 is issued any transaction carried out thereafter would be null and void in terms of provisions of section 11 of the Act.
  3. Kesar Devi v/s Union of India and ors
    In this case it was held that no nexus need be established in case of properties of relatives and illegal income of the convict/detenue